Container Control Reference

Carl, do you think Alex approach is faster or the container control way faster?

Yeah just put something together. Only works with a MySQL DB at the moment.
2 tables - tblEmployees (employeeID, firstName, lastName) and tblEmployeesNotes(noteID, employeeID(fk), comment, date, inputBy)

add a record to tblEmployees and several to tblEmployeesNotes.

The code is very messy atm, this is just something i cut out from my main project and threw together quickly, but it works.
Change the connection parameters in the mySQLConnect method.
When you run it, click the employees button to open the main form and goto the notes tab.

Download link:

There are some mouseWheel events as well, but they don’t seem to work in R2.

This is a small form which only shows 4 ‘notes’ at a time. For bigger forms which show more records at a time, the container method probably is quicker and easier to create.

or more fields to show on each