Container control left problem

While making my own web menus, I am using the container control as a drop down that becomes visible once the mouse hovers over a label. On compiling, a bug is produced indicating “this item does not exist” with the word ‘left’ highlighted. the offending code is; [quote]mnuhome.Left=lab(index).left[/quote]. mnuhome is the container control and lab(index) is a label I am trying to align the container control to. Any Ideas??

Are you sure mnuhome exists ?

[quote=105438:@Michel Bujardet]Are you sure mnuhome exists ?

Absolutely Michael. Thats the first place I looked…very confusing.

Extract your menu code from your project and file a private case in Feedback, so I can take a look at it.

So and mnuhome.visible have values ?

Maybe the error is coming from lab() then. Sometimes the outline does not reflect the actual source of the error. I would try something like

system.debuglog str(lab(index).left) system.debuglog str(mnuhome.left)

Right before your code. That way it will show which control left is the source of the error.

Thanks Greg, but I cant use the feedback system on my Mac as it keeps saying that “the resource is busy”

Im not sure as the error occurs at compile time before the container can be embedded in the host window. I will try your suggestion above.

Is this when you are trying to install feedback? If so there was a bug with the feedback update a while ago and you need to open up Disk Utility, eject the feedback installer image, then open it again and install.

Correct Jason, will try your suggestion

If that doesn’t work, go to the Extras section of the Downloads page on our site and download Feedback directly from there.

I just put together a short test project :

  • Added a Container control to the project
  • Dragged an instance onto the web page
  • Created a Label1 control array
  • Dragged Label1(0) over the container control instance
  • In the ContainerControl Open event placed the same code as you :

Absolutely no error.

Please try that in a new project and you shall see the same result.

Now, where is the code that generates the error ? I bet it is not on the same WebPage as the instance of the ContainerControl.

The only way I can reproduce the error is by placing mnuhome.left = label1(0).left in the Open event of the parent ContainerControl instead of in an event in the scope of the WebPage. Could it be what happened ?