Container control embedwithin

I have a container control with a label and a textfield. I need to embed several of these container controls in a webpage when the user change the value of a particular property. Once inserted, I need the user to fill in the textfields.
I have been able to embed the controls that I need but once embedded, they seems to be like “read only”. The user is not able to write on the textfield.
Any clues?

I would check the properties of the controls in the IDE. The controls, including the container control, need to be enabled. Also make sure that you used the webtextfield.

Now, if the idea is just to have a couple of controls show up, I would place them on the webpage, and simply make them visible when the property is changed. That said, my whole web applications are based on container controls, embedded at run time based on menu selections (yet another container control). As I said earlier, if the controls including the webcontainer are enabled, then your controls will accept input.

Thanks for your reply. All the controls, including the container control, are set to enabled and visible in the IDE.

Then there has to be something specific to the program. For example,

  • are there other controls located at the same place as the webcontainer? A transparent control could be placed in front and could get the input.
  • it could be a focus issue. Are you sure that the focus is on the textfield when the user attempts to input data? if the focus remained on some other control, the input is not processed as expected.
  • I suppose that none of your code sets the controls as disabled, either in the webpage or in the reference webcontainer. Check for instance the shown event on the webcontainer.

There was a rectangle in front of the embedded container controls. Thanks