Consulting Request: neogenesys

Name: luis perez galvan
Company: neogenesys
Phone: +525591711671
Location: mexico
Platform: Windows

We are looking for Xojo Developers that can help us with the development of a Remote Desktop Sharing and Control similar to what teamviewer or anydesk offers that can offer a low latency high performance response times and that allows the user to remotely control another machine with either windows over the web.

It can be a Client / Server application that uses an encrypted data channel to send and receive the mouse movements, clicks, keyboard etc… and refresh the screen for realtime interaction for remote support mainly,

The application needs to be brandable (change name and logo) and translated into several languages. we would need the source code so we can further develop the application.

Considering the widespread abuse of things like TeamViewer to scam honest folks and how this has zero information on it, has Xojo done any background checking on this request?


Maybe is ?

Could be, but guessing and assuming the best doesn’t mitigate my concerns.

AnyDesk has started banning scammer accounts, so that this needs to be brandable and they won’t use existing solutions is suspicious to me. My parents were very recently almost a victim to this exact kind of scam, saved only by the absolute luck of my arrival. I am incredibly sensitive to this kind of request.


Hi Alberto, This is correct.

I took a peek and yes, that seems correct. However, I get a “not secure” notice. For a software company, that’s—-interesting.

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Especially if you look at the expiration of the certificate - March 2024

It’s because it’s the wrong cert for that domain. This is a common problem for shared hosting.


Yes I saw that when checking the cert

I was agreeing with @Jerry_Fritschle that it is not a good look for a software company, or any business

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