Consulting Request: BKeeney Software Inc

Contact Information

Name: Bob Keeney
Company: BKeeney Software Inc.
Phone: 913 568-8025
Location: Pigeon Forge

Platform: Windows, iOS

Looking for an experienced developer to take over my consulting project. Client has 2 Xojo desktop apps (Windows only) and a Xojo iOS project and various helper apps. Project is in maintenance mode and clients need some minor bug fixes and occasional new features. Brief description of the various projects:

Kiosk: Standalone kiosk used by patrons to purchase card packages via huge touch screen. Several serial devices (ultrasonic sensor, bill acceptor, barcode reader, credit card terminal). Windows only. Interfaces with Postgres DB.

Redemption Base Station: Standalone application to interfaces with database and multiple iOS scanners. Is also backup if the iOS devices are broken or they are out of commission. Employees scan user cards to get their points balance and then scan prizes that the user wants. Can also do various utility functions for users cards.

Redemption Scanners: iOS project. iPod touches are inserted into a scanner unit. The app then communicates via TCP socket to the base station. Employee scans use card to get balance, then scans the prizes the user wants. Most logic is on the base station.

Event monitor: Windows only. When certain events happen (such as employee has given out a prize over a certain amount) an email is sent to various supervisors. This app tracks the events, can reset them, and so on. This app also helps set up security so not all employees can do all functions.

They do have other various Xojo projects that might need development time.

Looking for an experienced developer to take over project and keep clients happy in long term. Please send me an email with your qualifications.