Consultant Request: Reposoft

Name: Ajay
Company: Reposoft

Contact Information

Phone: 91984702858
Location: India - Kochin


I need a XOJO expert for transforming my VB6 Application in to XOJO. I do not need to migrate my VB6 application in to XOJO but I need to rebuild the same application in XOJO.

Details: It is a well built VB6 Inventory Application which we are currently catering to the customers. But, as you know the time arose to move to the new platform and also as we are getting a similar feel (of VB6) in XOJO, we wish to transform it to XOJO.

I have drafted a document with respect to transforming the application to XOJO. We will give demo of our current application as well as we shall also share the source code of the VB6 to the team /expert who shall be working on this.

Please note, I am not using the word conversion / migration very intentionally. I need a rebuild of application remaining same methodology and not conversion or migration.

Please let me know what other items you require to help me. I hope you reply to me fast.