Consultant Request: Rayfield Communications

Name: John Rayfield
Company: Rayfield Communnications
Phone: 417-887-4663
Location: Springfield, MO
Platform: Windows

I have an application that I developed using PowerBASIC and a GUI development platform called EZGUI. EZGUI allows for screens to be developed visually and then it writes the code, in PowerBASIC, for these screens. The rest of the functionality of the application can then be written into this ‘framework’ that was created by EZGUI.

This application reads in data from a .csv file (text file) and ‘processes’ the data. The data input into the application are Call Detail Records from a VoIP telephone service system.

I need to convert this application into Xojo. I have thousands of hours of experience in using PowerBASIC as well as some experience in assembly language programming for microcontrollers. PowerBASIC allows for structured, event-driven programming, but I have no experience with Object Oriented Programming (I sort of understand classes, but this is where my programming skills really fall down).

I’m looking for someone who can work with me, on a consulting basis, to re-write some of this application’s code into Xojo. This would thus involve some ‘tutoring’ me in Xojo as we worked together to convert this application. I think that with a little bit of help, I could probably convert much of the ‘processing’ code into Xojo. The user interface and setting up the application to print the results to a printer is where I think I would need the most help.

John Rayfield, Jr.