Consultant needed to add c libraries to project

I would like to find an hourly consultant to help add some c library functionality to an app. The project is to add USB HID interface. The device comes with a test app to connect to the USB device, and the app includes all the c files. Below is what I need to accomplish

Connect/Disconnect usb
Get/Set individual commands using ControlTransfer

Since the test app that is included with the device already does these functions, hopefully it will be easy to take the parts needed and add to xojo.

Send me a message if interested.


Have you looked into declares? If you have the C dylib/so/dll then you can use declares to access the functions contained in it, and just include the lib in your app bundle/files.

And it might be better to see if the device is recognized as a Serial device in Xojo. If it does, then you probably don’t need to do much. If it does not then the real work begins. :slight_smile:

There are the folders I have that came with the app that the HID device company provides for clients to easily connect to their chips. I do not know anything about C, and am just OK with xojo. So I would like find someone that can help put this functionality into my own app.

Bob, I already use USB devices that connect with Serial but have needs to get away from these devices and use USB HID driverless devices.

There are 2 DLL’s.

why don’t you send me that by email, so I can check it?

Here are all the files that come with the HID device and their test app. I will email you also the line. The file is 355m.

About 2 y ears ago I wrote a program to connect to the CP-2110 from SI Labs. I remember DL’ing all of the declares and beginning to dive in, but discovered that I could just connect using the built-in drivers (I believe that worked for both Mac and Win) I’d have to refresh my memory on that, but if you are interested, I can try to dig up relevant pieces of code.

Hi Roger

Do you remember if you were able to send Reports to the CP2110 and affect baud, etc including reports like uart enable, uart disable etc using the method your were doing?

Todd —
I had no reason to try. I send a request to the CP-2110 and received the data in return. I remember that worked well.

Well, maybe we could use the official SDK from them and write a plugin to access it?