Constant.Type: String or Text ?

In a project:

Add a new Module,
Add a new Constant,
Type a Constant Name,
Type a Default value,
Choose a Type.

What is the difference between String and Text ?

BTW: the new framework is not implicated in the question.

Strings are stored as a series of bytes and an encoding (UTF-8) to interpret the bytes so they can be converted to text for human consumption. Text is stored as a series of Unicode code points.

Does that mean that all text characters occupy the same number of bytes?

I suppose it could, but that’s an internal implementation detail that you never have to worry about.

Think of Text as an array of integer (code points).

And this is not related to the new framework ?

Well, I suppose it is. Does that matter?

To understand (or to try to understand…).

Thank you for the answers.