Console remote debugging shows no output

I’m remote debugging a Windows console app and, while the app runs, it does not show me any output. I thought perhaps it was opening and closing a new shell so quickly that I couldn’t see it, but even Input has no effect. Is this expected?

the command prompt window should not pop open
otherwise any helper console apps would do that which would be really wrong

set the remote stub to NOT start it automatically
then start it manually in a command prompt window if you want to see the output on the windows system

OK, thanks.

Looking in the sources for the remote stub (desktop) it looks like you should get a terminal
The console one since its already running in a console doesn’t appear to open a new window

Which version of the stubs are you using ?

EDIT : SHOULD should maybe be “might”
You did say this is on windows ?
The app is started using folderitem.Launch so it may

In fact, using Desktop remote debugger crashes the IDE. Feedback filed.

Please try a release version as well

My bad, I forgot which version I was using. 2015r24 works just fine.