Console License Question

Hi all,

I’ve just completed a console app, gone to build it and realized my windows lite license doesn’t include console apps.

Can I buy a windows console license separately or do i need to go redo my app as a headless desktop app ?

I did see a message that addressed this from 2015 suggesting it would cost $45 or thereabouts with a link to the shop page but cant find anything relevant (other than the major licensing options I’m not interested in).

Thanks guys.

Ugh… formerly the license chart was nicely formatted. Now there is this new-fangled white-space heavy modern web design stuff.

Anyways. As far as I can see Console is only available for the Pro license.

Thanks Beatrix

Its a little difficult to believe they slug you $700 to build a simple console app. I wont be buying at that price… looks like a headless desktop app is the way to go.

Thx :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea if they can help you with this, but I’d recommend a quick email to

Please write Customer Service ( for help with this, we can definitely find a solution!

This keeps coming up…

Considering what console is and does, IMO Xojo should really include Console in desktop as they used to , and a low cost option for the lite packages…

IMO you don’t really have a reasonably complete Desktop package without console, something I think most coming from other environments would expect to be there.

I know this has been brought up before, and I know this post will likely not make a difference… but it is something that bother me on principle and annoys me!

  • Karen