Console Fonts

This was discussed a few years back. and Greg (I think) said that the Font Metrics for GUI apps came from Cocoa, but for Console apps they came from somewhere else… I have been doing some experimenting and found the fonts in Console are big time different.

For one, COURIER is supposed to be a monospaced font, and for OSX/Win in GUI it is, in Console (at least for OSX) the values are all over the map.
And for Helvetica, I was hoping the the differences would at least be consistent… (ie. multiple by X to convert from GUI to console), but they are not
I realize that Xojo can’t/doesn’t control the metric tables… but does anyone have an idea how to normalize them?

Helvetica GUI (for both OSX/WIN) ranges from 3.89 to 13.21 character widths for a given textsize
but for the same font and textsize, the Console metrics range from 4.14 to 14.53
Courier is flat at 8.4 for GUI, but is 7.2 to 11.22 for Console :frowning: