Console Error Message on SaveAsDialog & OpenDialog

Hi. I’m getting a strange console bug appear the first time a Save Panel (SaveAsDialog) is invoked after app launch.

There seems to be a small delay in the dialog appearing, then when it shows the error message below appears on the console but there are no visible errors with regard to the app and the subsequent times SaveAsDialog is called it’s all fine:

BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_MEMORYSTATUS] add: "Operation not supported" - 0x2d
GetDYLDEntryPointWithImage(/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CacheDelete.framework/CacheDelete,CacheDeleteCopyPurgeableSpaceWithInfo) failed.

Not sure if this would be an issue for Mac App Store submission but I wanted to try and figure out the reason and resolve it if possible regardless.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

isn’t the SaveDialog Panel a GUI component, therefore not even possible in a Console app?

It’s a a GUI app, I mean the error is on OS X Console application.

Update: It only seems to happen when the SaveAsDialog is expanded (meaning it was previously expanded and appears in its expanded state) to reveal full locations.

It also seems to happen when the OpenDialog is called for the first time and when this happens, before the other error message, I get the following:

tccd: Unable to verify code signing identity of com.myappdomain: code failed to satisfy specified code requirement(s)

FYI: The app is signed and passes GateKeeper.

that statement is contradictory

Applications/Utilities/Console…the OS X native app that displays system messages.

It’s okay, Denise, you were very clear and there is no confusion what you are talking about.
Hopefully one of the engineers has a comment, they’d be the most knowledgeable on what’s happening.

Sounds like a message from Apple frameworks.
Maybe just ignore it.