Console as a new forum Target?

I am enjoying Forum more than before and I realize there is not Console Subtopic in the “Targets” forum topic.
Do you think it would be good to include Console to it?

I think so… :wink:

Maybe but I suspect it would be really low volume
I’d start with posting in the Linux, Windows or OS X targets if you have questions about console apps that are specific to that platform

Roger, Captain!

Captain ?

I’ve been demoted apparently :frowning:

As a pilot it’s a Captain is like a General :slight_smile: But yeah… I Understand… been in the army when I was in my 20’s…

Just kidding :slight_smile:

Someone referred to me, in a derogatory fashion NOT here on the forums, as “General”

Of course there have been other fun names as well :slight_smile:

General Nusiance? Major Pain? Corporal Punishment? Private Parts?

Along those lines but slightly more … negative
I think there was a “hole” in the name :slight_smile: