Console App weird results


Xojo 2019R3.1 , on debian .

Based on the code that does the checkup which is the following :

[code]Var rresult(-1) As String

rresult = demo.Split("/")

stdout.WriteLine("rresult.LastRowIndex : " + rresult.LastRowIndex.ToString)

If rresult.LastRowIndex > 1 Then
stdout.WriteLine("rresult.LastRowIndex = " + rresult(rresult.LastRowIndex))

’ here I get as result rresult.LastRowIndex = demo

If rresult(rresult.LastRowIndex) = “demo” Then ’ here the if statement says that it is false and sets demoIsInstalled = False
demoIsInstalled = True
stdout.WriteLine(“sync client is installed.”)
stdout.WriteLine("demoIsInstalled = " + demoIsInstalled.ToString)

demoIsInstalled = False
stdout.WriteLine("demoIsInstalled = " + demoIsInstalled.ToString)
End If

stdout.WriteLine(“sync client is not installed please run init to properly setup the client.”)
stdout.WriteLine(“type ‘init’ to setup the client.”)

End If[/code]

Am I doing something wrong ? or the data is handled differently on the linux side ?

Based on the stdout debug results I get all the results as expected but the If statement says the opposite of what it should be .

Thanks .

Apparently there are some invisible spaces , after trimming rresult(rresult.LastRowIndex) it worked ok