Console app vs windowless Desktop app?

Hi all,

I have to build a helper application that will run on Mac, Windows desktop, and Windows Server.

The app does not need to be a daemon (i.e. it will be launched by another app as needed).

I could use a Console app, but when it launches a Terminal window (or a Command window on Windows) opens. So is there a way to prevent this? My helper app is being launched from Adobe ExtendScript (like JavaScript but more annoying).

I could instead create a Desktop app and cause it to be not in the Dock/Taskbar, but then what happens if I try this on Windows Server when no one is logged in? Would that still work?

I’m trying to avoid creating separate code bases for desktops and Server uses, but perhaps that’s not feasible in this case?

Thanks for any advice!

Never mind. I did some testing and discovered that (contrary to my belief) a windowless GUI app works just fine on Windows Server 2012r2, even if there’s no user logged in. So that’s the way I’m going to go.