Console App Libraries


Couple of questions about Xojo.

  1. Where is the documentation about Unit testing in Xojo located? A previous post mentions “Book 4 > Development > Unit Testing”. Current documentation has no such books ??

Am trying to set up a console app that controls a GUI dashboard (where user sees Graphical feedback from the commands in the console like the Quake Console ~)

  1. Is this possible with console apps in Xojo, what are some good starting points ?
  2. Are there any articles or webinars on creating or using console apps in Xojo?
  3. Are there any libraries for console apps in Xojo that makes it easy to work with (DSL) Domain Specific Language/s ?
    • any equivalents for ruby Libraries
      • Thor - Thor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.
      • colorize - is for Colorizing console output

Hi Deepu,

since I haven’t a clue what race or country you are from I don’t think that this matters. I saw your question but I wasn’t sure how to answer. The questions were a bit general and so not so easy to answer.

Have a look at the examples folder for console apps. There are no libraries - that I know of - that help with DSLs. Haven’t seen something like Thor for Xojo.

There are several libraries for Unit testing around. I’d have to dig a bit to find something.

Hey Deepu, Personally I took your comments as quite offensive, since all the time and effort that I personally spent helping people here is purely volunteer, for the betterment of Xojo, as well as the Computer Industry.

Plus the fact that your post is barely 12 hours old, meaning someplaces in the world may not have even seen it yet (as Beatrix pointed out, we have NO clue where you are, since you didn’t tell us (not that it would have mattered),

That being said, as this forum is 90% volunteers (there are a few Xojo engineers) here, AND to mention that MOST of them as well as many other contributors on this site are at a conference at the moment… your attitude may have just shot you in the foot, as I personally am more apt to help people who are civil and respectful.

@David S
Just like you did not know where I come from, I did not know the contributors on the site went for a conference. How do anyone in the world know such things ?

Civility and Respect are just relative terms just like Democracy and Freedom are.
So don’t get offended for no reason by someone whom you wouldn’t fit your standards.

Who you help for the “betterment of Xojo” is your Free Will, I wouldn’t care a bit about your preferences.

Its my mistake asking questions you couldn’t answer, and its sad you got offended .
If you have empathy, you would understand that.


If you paid attention to this forum, you would be fully aware of XDC, which has been the subject of many topic of late.
And it not a matter of if I can or cannot answer your question, (in this case I could not), but the attitude that you display.

Your “answer” was most disrepectful of this entire community, and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors. although I see you have deleted it, but unforturnatly for some the damage has been done…

If you paid attention to the post, you would noticed it was my first post. My First Experience with Xojo developers.
Too bad you didn’t like my attitude.
So why don’t you keep your help, charity and good luck to yourselves for your own future endeavors in “betterment of Xojo” ?
Besides, why change now after proclaiming not to “volunteer” help.

Build a wall. So no one will learn Xojo for free.
Oh. And I did not “delete” the answer.


The best we have for making console applications with command line switches is the OptionParser library. It was written by some users on this forum, check it out:

It will help you make a console application that can respond to varied levels of commands/arguments. As for automating a GUI you did not specify if that was a GUI of your making or an external third party app. If it’s a third party app you probably could not do it very easily in Xojo. If it’s your own GUI then I recommend you look into the IPCSocket class. You could build your own lightweight “protocol” so to speak and send messages back/forth between the console/GUI applications running on the same host. You could extend this to across the network with the TCPSocket class easily.

Domain specific languages are not utilized very often in Xojo. The most you will see in that area is XojoScript being extended heavily to create a pseudo-language on top of a Xojo application. It starts out fairly limited but you can do quite a bit with XojoScript. The MBS plugins provide PHP access and Einhuger provides Python access from Xojo if you wanted to extend out a different way.

I am not aware of any articles or webinars recently that is useful in this regard. I tend to learn by doing and hanging around the forums.

I have a module for colourising text output to the console if that helps:

It’s called Rainbow and you can get it from GitHib.

It could be improved but works pretty well.