Console app Lib path inside GUI Package


Is it possible inside a console app to set its dylibs path/folder?

Standard it uses ‘appname Libs’ folder next to the executable, but I’ve included the console app inside the package of a GUI app and I want the console to use the dylibs that are already in the GUI package, instead of adding the same libs again for the console app.

I hope you can follow me ?

Thank you.


An untested theory: combine the appname Libs folders to a single folder named simply Libs.

The problem is that the console app expects an ‘appname Libs’ folder for it’s libraries as the GUI app expects a Frameworks folder for it’s libraries. So the question is, how to tell the console app to use a different folder for it’s libraries.

I’m not sure how OS X builds are different, but under Windows and Linux Xojo supports appname Libs and Libs as the libs folder. If OS X gui builds have a different naming scheme, then it may not be possible to combine the two folders.

Could you not just symlink the console app’s Libs folder to the GUI app’s Libs folder?

[quote=40803:@Andre Veelbehr]Is it possible inside a console app to set its dylibs path/folder?

Absent other answers, it just seems like a bad idea because nobody intended for you to be able to do this. If you need it, write a feature request in Feedback and give a good argument for why it should be done. I’m not sure that saving a few megabytes is a convincing argument.