Console app detected as virus

Xojo Windows Console app seen as virus.

Win.Exploit.CVE_2015_0073 FOUND

all my windows console apps are getting the same message.

To be sure I created a brand new windows empty console app using 2015 r1 under MAC (complied for windows) and I get the same exploit message as above.

Please advise



Seen as a virus by what? From time to time, some of the AV software (Avast? maybe) has raised false positives for Xojo apps.

I use CLAMAV for windows.

CPANEL won’t even let me upload it to my website

It is a false positive. The bug should be reported to

FWIW, this can also happen with ClamXav for OS X and should be reported to

Yep, this happened today. win.Exploit.CVE 2015 0073, and my xojo went to quarantine.