Consistent crashing while debugging in 22r4.1?

I’ve run into a hard debugger crash on macOS 12.6.2. I can launch and begin debugging, but after stopping at a a breakpoint and a few Steps, if I go to the OneNote app to jot something down and then come back to the IDE, the IDE crashes on the next step click. If I stay within the IDE and my app, it doesn’t crash. It’s not limited to a specific project as it happens with the ToDo Desktop example. So far, I’ve not gotten an Apple Crash Report and can’t find anything recent in Console.

Xojo? macOS? My bad karma from the late 70’s catching up with me?

Anyone else?

Always. What is the relevant section of the crash log? Oh, why OneNote?

I guess it’s a crash without log.

Good question: would it behave the same with another app?

The IDE being deactivated might be the cause :man_shrugging:

Try launching the IDE using terminal:

open /path/to/

And then get it to crash. It should show some relevant info there.

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Because that is what I use for all of my note taking on all of my platforms. Very robust and is the same notes stack across all logged in systems.

I understand what you mean, but using open in the terminal disconnects the terminal from the app. Using /Applications/Xojo\ Release\ 2022\ Release\ 4.1/Contents/MacOS/Xojo does keep the terminal connected to the app.

However, after starting the system this morning, I’ve not been able to duplicate the crash in any circumstance. If I see it again, I’ll gather what I can and open a tracker ticket.