Considering Xojo - Need Android - Should we start now?

We are considering Xojo to consolidate development, and have reviewed it in the past. We require shell tools, PostgreSQL access, Mac and Win desktop applications, and require iOS and Android support for sub-systems we have to build. I’ve reviewed the forums and see reference to Android, mostly old posts, so is Android as a target considered available now in beta? If not, what timeframe are we looking at? We need to make a committment in a direction, but having to port to a different platform for Android kind of defeats the purpose of a unified development environment.

Thanks for advice.

You should contact Xojo for specific information

(Really. Pre-Release testers can’t tell you anything, and any posts on the forum are speculation.)

And Xojo as a company probably won’t tell you anything either, in regards to timelines, release dates etc.

But even is “Xojo for iOS” was a robust as it should be, and even if “Xojo for Android” existed, you still won’t really have a “write once, compile for whatever” environment. While the paradigm for macOS desktop and Windows desktop are very close (95%?), the UI requirements for iOS are very different, and I suspect those for Android will be very different as well. Partially due to the available controls and features available in iOS vs Android. The “business logic” would be portable if designed properly. But I’d say that Xojo’s support for the UI requirements will be “least common denominator” at best.

This is my opinion, based on what I have seen and read and directly experienced

As much as I’d love to tell you to jump right into Xojo I simply can’t. Android isn’t out and we have no idea when it will arrive. I suspect that XDC (in May) will have a more complete demo of Android but I don’t expect to see an alpha release until later this year (if then). And if past history is any guide the first release will be limited.

If iOS and Android support is required then I’m afraid Xojo isn’t for you (yet).

Another one:

Do you need Android Now ? Do not wait, use another tool and come back when Xojo for Android will be released…

You have time ? Take another IDE, acquire the technology (the how to) and when Xojo for Android is released, you will be able to create your application.

In the current state of the product, your requirements are mostly met, but not all:

  • Shell tools : Yes
  • PostgreSQL access: Yes
  • Mac and Win desktop applications: Yes
  • iOS : Yes, this target will be improved upon with API 2.0
  • Android : No, but planned with API 2.0

Raspberry Pi is another target available to you today, should this be interesting.

As was said before, no date is announced for API 2.0.

Whats the timeline for your Android dev tool requirement? If its in immediate near future, in my opinion, Xojo might not be able to accommodate that. But Xojo excels at the rest : Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Web, IOS and Linux.

For our current big project, the desktop & web apps were all coded in Xojo; the devices / hardware in C; Android we use other tool, pending release of Xojo for Android.

so far, no major problem.