Considering an update to the IDE

I am running 2019 r1.
I am considering updating the IDE because i need to use source code control.
I am fully licensed for 2019 so I can build just about anything, windows, linux, raspi, mac…
If I download the current version and try the IDE I suspect that I will not be able to build the application nor use the latest project file in the 2019 ide.

You will probably be able to run the application (unless you have lines of code which address the .graphics property of a canvas when not in the paint event.)
But you wont be able to compile an executable.

What Jeff said plus:
And you won’t be able to save as text project.

Er, why would this be? Was Text not available in that version? Brian does say he’s fully licensed.

If Brian is ‘fully licensed for 2019’ that version allows to save as text format for source control, I don’t understand either why considering an update because that need, just do a Save As and select Xojo Project as the format.

Yes I can save as text and that pushes well to GitHub, not sure yet about comparing one version of code to another because I’m pretty sure it’s xml…

To summarize, my projects will not be backwards compatible and I will not be able to compile unless i purchase the upgrade.

Maybe they will be

and I will not be able to compile unless i purchase the upgrade.


For perspective, I have been using 2018 IDE for years.
I can open and compile in 2021 and 2023, and do so, depending upon what I am working on.
If I accidentally save in a later version, I can usually open in an earlier one, with a message that I might lose stuff.
In fact, I gain unwanted stuff - It adds FocusRing to every control that could use one because they renamed the property and set the default value to True
Some other minor similar things occur. I’ve learned to be cautious.

No, if you choose Xojo_Project as the format then it’s text, not XML.