connecting to MS SQL 2000

Anybody tried to connect to MS SQL 2000?

I tried using MSSQLServerDatabase and ODBC but it did’nt work.

I hope somebody could share their experience.

Thanks in advance.

Which platform are you connecting from?

Im working with converting my VB6 + MSSQL 2000 to XOJO + MSSQL 2000 web application.

Can you help me on how to connect xojo to ms sql 2000?

[code] Dim adodbConnection as new OLEObject( “ADODB.Connection” )
Dim adodbCommand as new OLEObject( “ADODB.Command” )
Dim adodbRecordSet as OLEObject
Dim adodbFields as OLEObject
Dim connectionString, SQL as String
Dim fieldCount as integer
connectionString = “Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=SQLSRV; Initial Catalog=MY_DB; User Id=MY_USER; Password=MY_PWD”

adodbCommand.ActiveConnection = adodbConnection

SQL="Select ID, RESULTS  from MY_TABLE WHERE KPI like '%2015' "

adodbCommand.ActiveConnection = adodbConnection
adodbCommand.CommandText = SQL
adodbRecordSet = adodbCommand.Execute
adodbFields = adodbRecordSet.Fields
fieldCount = adodbFields.Count
while not adodbRecordSet.EOF
adodbFields = adodbRecordSet.Fields
if adodbRecordset.Fields(“ID”).value <> nil then
end if

Thanks you Jrme Leray!

Your share is very important to me. It works!!!

I can now manage to convert ALL my VB6 program to XOJO.

By the way, im curious, where did you find that solution?
I believed I already read all documentations made by XOJO back to back and I found nothing which relates with MS SQL 2000 database.

Go to old realstudio forum. Great ressources.

realstudio forum

So there your are!

Thanks again. This really a big help!