Connecting to database from WebServer folder


I have a web app installed in the CGI-Executables folder on Mountain Lion. This app must connect to a database file in the UserHome folder. The connection fails and I get an error. Is there a way to connect properly to that database?


Hi Payam,

It would be helpful to know what kind of database engine are you trying to use (or connecting to).

In case you’re attempting to connect to a SQLite file, be sure you’re pointing to the right path on the Mac HD; and if you’re trying to use a MySQL or PostgreSQL, make sure you are pointing to the “local” IP address.

There are several threads on the Xojo forums you can read about this, maybe this one can point you in the right direction.



Due you are running the web app as CGI, probably you’re having problems related with file privileges too (trying to access a file with a different user proprietary).