connecting to another computer via a USB bluetooth keyboard

Strange request.
I am about to have to spend quite a lot of time using a health medical program. Its web based on a huge intranet. The computers its on will be quite locked down, which is fine. But my understanding is that this software on them sucks, but I will have to use it. People who use it a lot tell me it slows them down in the work day by about 30-50%.

I want to be able to use a small windows computer to enter data onto (Probably into a xojo app) which I can customise to make the data entry easy, ie shortcuts, templates etc.
Then what I want to be able to do is plug a USB dongle of some sort into the locked down terminals , which looks like a keyboard to that computer. Then my xojo app will squirt the text across.

I was considering something like a teensy with bluetooth or similar.
Anyone have an easier solution?

[disclaimer, not aiming to do anything illegal. Trying to get the medical program changed is impossible. All I want to do is be able to work fast and efficiently]

I’ve had some experience creating software for use on secure terminals for the Navy, and the number of seemingly normal things you can’t do often outnumber those that you can. If the terminals are locked down, I’d bet that all USB dongles are off limits too. You might want to check into what you’ll be allowed to do first.

Yes, you are probably correct. Ill wait in anticipation…