Connecting a Progressbar to the Taskbar

When running a long task in an application under Windows it is standard UI design for the ProgressBar in the app also update the TaskBar entry for the app/window. An example of this is when the Xojo IDE loads, builds, or saves a project.

Is there a setting or code that we can use so that our applications get the same feature?

William presented the code for it at XDC, but I never got a chance to ask him for it. If we could share it here that’d be great.

Here is the example from Williams XDC 2018 Wonderful World of Windows session:

TaskBar project

I’ll also get this included with the examples that ship with Xojo.

How about a note/README for the TaskBar class?

I took two minutes to look at it and immediately understand how to use it. Have you looked at the project? (or just opened it)

Edit: Thank you William and Paul!

I only ran it to make sure it worked. Before I get it into the examples I will go over it more closely and add notes comments as appropriate.

Yes - I got it immediately and added it to the project I’m working on in less than 5 minutes - but I’m a bit ahead of the curve in situations like this (as I know @Tim Parnell is). I’m thinking about others - it’s not obvious that you need to move the slider or what the state radiobuttons are for in the demo app, or even what the user should be looking for.

I’m just thinking about completeness when Paul adds it to the Examples in the install package for Xojo.