Connect Xojo to SAP via RFC

For next MBS Xojo Plugins 20.2, we will have a new set of classes to connect to SAP systems via the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50. The SDK allows to call remote functions in the SAP application and move data to/from SAP.

By connecting Xojo applications to SAP, we enable a whole new field of collaboration. Xojo developers and lookup records or call functions to trigger actions in SAP. Developers using SAP on a daily basis can now optionally use Xojo to develop utility applications to help their daily routine. We imaging a lot of import/export applications may be doable as well as interface applications to connect to other devices. e.g. let a Xojo app measure something and send results to the SAP application.

To get the SDK and development access to SAP applications you need to be registered SAP user. The company with the SAP license needs to have user licenses for this usage. And the SDK is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux and so are our plugin classes.

Check the RFCModuleMBS module to load the libraries and check global parameters like the location of the INI file. Then use RFCConnectionMBS class for a connections, query function descriptions and call functions. Use classes for tables and structures to work on records.

Here a screenshot of the sample project we made with a client:

Please let us know if you like to learn more.
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