Connect to integrated SQLite Database

Probably a beginner question, but I do not find the solution. I inserted a database into my project, which worked great. I added some tables and fields, so far, so good. But now: How do I connect to this database? I tried dbDatabase.Connect, but this does not work.

You need to declare the database before connecting to it. I tend to put this in the App.Open event and keep the actual database global so I can keep the connection open until the app exits. (This is from memory so there may be an error or two.)

// Create Database Object, theDB, globally theDB = New SQLiteDatabase // Give it a file if necessary theDB.databaseFile = SpecialFolder.Documents.child("myappdatabase.sqlite") // Connect to the database If theDB.databaseFile.exists = True Then // The database file already exists, so we want to connect to it, // otherwise you'll have to create the folderitem yourself If theDB.Connect = False Then MagBox("Unable to connect to database") // there was an error connecting to the database Quit End If
Good luck.

Thanks, Dale, that helped!