Congratulations to Xojo

Geoff & team today has been spectacular. You’ve all done an incredible job putting out fires, jumping on issues and explaining changes.

What a product! What a team! Three cheers to you all!

I can only but agree. Well done Xojo.

I also agree !
I’ve migrated all my projects with almost no problem.
Very good job guys.

Lest I appear a bit negative today, let me add my congratulations and admiration to the Xojo team. Well done! This is a very positive move.

I know I’ve probably seemed negative over WebSessionContext and a few of the UI changes. But overall the new IDE looks solid, and the new site looks great. And as always communication from you guys is top notch.

Good job.

Congratulations on the new look. The new colour scheme and layout are much more pleasing to my sensitive eyes. On my 21.5" iMac the screen layout is proportioned perfectly. Excellent job guys.

Congrats on the Xojo release; it’s awesome. The one gripe I have is the IntelliSense. Please get Visual Studio like IntelliSense in the next release and coding will only but speed up.

Thanks for the amazing IDE.

…cringe…I don’t like Visual Studio’s text editor at all compared to Real Studio and Xojo.

I love how the layout is too. Also love that the form designer has the form centered, I prefer the form being center rather than being locked to the top left corner; now I love designing forms.

I just want to be able to have more keys to press to “complete” the auto-complete suggestions. Having to press the Tab key to see and “complete” code suggestions is just weird for me.

In VS, you can type “Mess” for “MessageBox” and IntelliSence would highlight the suggestion closest to what your typing. If you want to “complete” the suggestion, then all you need to do is press one key out of a pre-determined set. (set = period, comma, equals symbol, and the space bar.)

I have made too many coding mistakes due to this missing feature; like accidentally pressing the period key when I want to “complete” a code suggestion instead of pressing the tab key.

Please don’t hijack this thread. It’s a simple matter of congratulations for a days work well done by an excellent team.

And you’re more likely to get listened to if you start your own conversation.

I like to join the congratulants. You did an awesome job on the IDE, the website and the forum! Keep on going!

Congratulations, surely a job well done! Great work, great team and very nice communication!

Looks Fantastic.

(Having a little trouble wrapping my head around the new layout, but all in all an excellent job.

Congratulations, all!

One thing i think is HUGE is that the code editor now scrolls flawlessly for me! Awesomeness!
(it was a bit laggy in rs)

Wholly agree with the congrats here! The new look is great and it certainly gives you a better view of the project structure. And it isn’t resource hungry; while I was afraid before that it would not run nicely on my 2006 MacBook, it runs smoother than RS 2012 R2.1. As always there are some minor bugs, but hey, that’s programming, they will be ironed out eventually.