Computer name

Is any way to get the computer name where the app is running

The server or the client?
What operating system?

in web?, I don’t think you can query that with javascript.

or from server?



If any info from client

I don’T think it would be good security if you could get any details from client.

Usually, what you can to on the client-side is limited with any sort of security risk. People may want there computer name to be anonymous for whatever reason.

No good web browser would let you access this kind of information on the client-side.

can read or write to serial ports from a web app

Basically, a web app talks to a browser app on the client. As far as I know, a browser has no reason to get the current computer name. Why do you need that information for ?

unless you do some weird client side voodoo, that information is not available to the webserver. the hostname is not a specific piece of information a “web page” would need to know. The closest it would get is the IP address.

well… it depends if its intranet or internet.

if it is intranet you could probably get the client ip and use dns/wins etc to get the computername.

On the client end … no

You might consider writing a “web app” and that uses your own custom web browser.

You install that and it can talk to your web app (using an HTMLViewer) and because it is also a full blown Xojo app running on the client you can have it open ports, read & write files or whatever a locally running Xojo app can do

But thats kind of an unconventional “web app”

no problem thanks to all

Think of the browser like a sandbox, similar to the way the os xsandbox works. There are a lot of things you just don’t have access to. The stuff you DO have access to, you must get the users permission to do so, and in most cases, that means a user clicking a button or pressing a key.