Computer for Vintage RealBasic

I’m still enjoying RealBasic 2007, Release 3 on my old Mac iBook G4 Powerbook6,5 1.07GHz.

I’d like to continue using my current RealBasic but upgrade my computer to the latest used Mac laptop that will run it.

What shall I look for?

The cave’s exit…

an old mac mini

7r3 runs on my 4,1 Mac Pro, so I suspect it will run on any recent Mac portable. I’ve not used that version under Mavericks, but it does run for me under Mountain Lion.

I prefer the 2011 models as they are the last ones to run SnowLeo (and with that Rosetta, the PowerPC emulator). That way I can run SnowLeo, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Windows, Linux all on the same machine. My favourite is SnowLeo by far, and yes, there are a few old PowerPC apps that I still might need to run.