Computed properties nightmare

Several strategies to tackle the inspector setters were discussed here. Maybe it would simply be a topic for one of Paul’s tutorials, so others don’t have to look for solutions as long as we did.

The only thing that still concerns me is sometimes inherited inspector behavior settings that are not made visible in a subclass can override properties with different values after reopening the project. I find this hard to debug, and a project behaving differently after a reopen doesn’t feel right. I ran into one of these right now – a control that works nicely when placed on a window will not appear anymore after close and reload. But we had this topic a few times and I understand it’s hard to change.

As I am working in another language for my next Android app, I cannot rely on them, because they simply do not exit there.

Sometimes we forget the luxury that Xojo’s Computed Properties are. Even if they sometimes require a flag to ensure they get initialized at the proper time. Because there are many instances where it simply does not matter.