Computed Properties as object: call to set

as you can see from the subject, I am not even truly clear about the question …
I understood that if you change a computed property, the “set section” is run.
This is clear to me if the computed property is not a class (As MyClass for example).

But if my computed property is of type MyClass (where MyClass si something I wrote with some methods and properties) and I change a property of MyClass, will that trigger the setter?

(leave the correct syntax alone for a moment)

myComputedProperty As MyClass

myComputedProperty.Description = "TestDescription"
myComputedProperty.User = "TestUser"

Would the above code trigger the setter of myComputedProperty ?
If yes, would it trigger the setter two times? For each property change?
If not, what does trigger the setter then?

Thanks for any input!

That would trigger the Get. This would trigger the Set:

myComputedProperty = new MyClass

In your example, you are asking for the value of the property, the instance of MyClass.

The code could be written this way to make it clearer:

var m as MyClass = myComputedProperty // Get
m.Description = "Test"

Thanks again Kem.
At least in theory it is clearer now.
I will play around a bit to fully understand it.