Compress JPEG in iOS Framework

Hey all,

I’m trying to be able to take a picture or a photo from an iOS app and get its size down to 256K or less. I am using Jason King’s Scale Imag method to reduce the resolution from whatever it is originally down to 1280 x 720 - still in HD - this is to display it on a TV but sent over a network connection. The device I am communicating with has a file size limit of 256K. Scaling the image to 1280x720 is OK with some pics and I’m close with others but just over the limit. I’ve set the quality setting in Jason’s method to low - so I’m giving up some PQ but I’m still too large.

Anyone have any methods or anything for reducing image size? I can always try lowering the resolution, but figured if there’s a compression algorithm out there, I’d like to try that.