Complete Copy of Xojo Project to a different computer

I have a project that contains quite a bit of graphic images and a few sound files. It works great on the system I’ve coded it on. I need to make a copy to a different computer. I’ve tried just copying the entire folder (on the Mac in finder) that contains the project, and it comes up missing a bunch of the image files and some of the sound files and offers the chance to fix by selecting and pointing to the image source. The problem is, I’m not sure where some of these files are or if they’ve been moved or deleted from their original location. I know they are there somewhere because the software works fine when built and run on the original system. I also see many of these files in the Mac Package Contents Resource folder.

My main question here is, how can I do a complete project copy and and have ALL resources copied so when loaded into the other computer?

File > Collect Project Items


Thanks Tim, but unfortunately, that did not do the trick. It still shows a bunch of images and sound files that need to be resolved by providing a location for each.

That’s really what it’s supposed to do. It should create a copy of your project with all of the resources right next to it. Xojo uses this feature for accepting projects when you submit an issue.

Makes sense, but it’s not doing it and I’m having to go back and find each missing file to re-add

All your files need to be somewhere next to the project. I have one main folder for my app where everything inside is in the SVN:

This moves well between my 2 computers.

Xojo is super fussy with relative paths.

I have the same requirements, as I work on several computers. I use a NAS to store all Xojo projects and load them from there. You can also use file sharing of other kind of devices.
While I’ve not tried, I guess you can’t use file sharing if the project is on the startup disk of your Mac: the path is different locally than remotely (“/” locally).
There are some areas where NAS support should be fixed in Xojo, but these are edge cases.

I have done that multiple times without troubles.

What I have done:
Copy the project folder that holds ALL items used in that project at once.

Of course, if you have files stored elsewhere…
if you ccreate the target folder and copy the items in many bunchs (why ? I do not know).

In the Navigator pane, you can relocate the items / see the item path; so choose an item that is “missing” after copy and watch where it is in your main computer.

This works great. I did have to go move a bunch of files from other locations to the folder and then reassign them in my project from the new location…after that, all is well and I’ll be making sure all my images, sounds, etc. are in a folder within my project folder.