Compiling to Mac OS X (x86) on Windows fails; no errors

Hello all;

My application that compiles on Windows x86 OK will not compile a Mac binary. It goes to build the binary, but stops without any error messages. I am left with a folder in the build directory called “Mac OS X (Cocoa Intel)” that is only eight bytes in size.

Do you what I can do to see why the program will not build correctly? Is there some sort of build error log?

Thank you.

I realize I didn’t give much to go on here… more details:

This same problem occurs when building Win 64 - only Win 32 builds OK.

I know can compile to Mac and Win 64 with other projects, but this project gets to the “Linking” phase during Build and then the Build progress window closes, leaving no complete build.

The output is this:


Mac x86

[Build Folder]
–Mac OS X (Cocoa Intel) {Directory} {Directory}
--------Contents {Directory}
----------------Frameworks {Directory}
----------------MacOS {Directory}
----------------PkgInfo {File}

Normally it produces a .tar file when I build for Mac, but it’s not working for this project.

Win 64

[Build Folder]
–Windows 64 bit {Directory}
----ProjectName {Directory}
--------ProjectName Resources {Directory - empty}
--------XojoGUIFramework64.dll {File}


It seems to just flunk out when making the actual binary file, as well as leaving out resource files, etc etc

Since I know I can build to these platforms with other projects, it seems to be this particular project that is causing the issue. However, I can’t find any logs or anything that would tell me why the Build process is failing.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any build log files anyone knows of that I could poke around in?

Thanks all!

Install DebugView & watching what messages are logged there
There are no log files to poke in

This sounds to me like the link is running out of memory but that usually manifests itself differently - with a message at the very least

Thanks all; the solution turned out to be something quite silly - I was attempting to build while the project file resided on a file share instead of a local drive. I simply moved the project file to the desktop and built there without any issues. D’oh! Now I feel like an idiot. For some reason Win 32 would build on the file share without issue, whilst other platforms freaked out!

Lesson learned

I will keep DebugView handy in the future, though!

There are tons of horror stories from people working on Dropbox or other file sharing platforms. Better work local and update the remote when you are finished.

Long time ago, I learned to not workw ith disks (720KN, 800KB, 1,44MB…). Then, I used them only for transporting files.