Compiling Help with Libs folder

I started with Xojo about a year ago using version 2014r2 in Linux and am still using it. I have just completed my first program and when I compile I get a file and a folder: the folder MultiWindows Libs and MultiWindows (the executable). I rename the executable to tfcx. In my build package I am adding three folders to those two items. When trying to compress into a tar.gz file, I get an error because of the space in the Libs folder. I remove the space and it compresses OK. When I uncompress into a test Linux computer, I put all the files into the /var/tfcx folder and then rename the Libs folder to add the space back in the folder name. Everything works fine, but I don’t want my users to have to do the renaming of the Libs folder. Is there a method to change the name of the MultiWindows Libs file during the compile/build process? I looked in the Build properties and could not find anything. Or is there a method to do the compression with the space in the folder name? Thanks for any help.

On Windows you can just rename the libs folder to plain “Libs” & it works. Perhaps on Linux too?

Wayne, I had read that it did not work for Linux and I tried it and it did not work. I even put the 6 library files into the /lib folder and that did not work.

Have you tried copying all the files in the Libs folder into the same folder as the executable and have no Libs folder? That works for me on Windows under RS ( I think, :wink: ).

when using space in folder name in command line, you need to quote path or escape path with putting backslash before the space.

Peter, that does not work either. Christian, I am not using the command line in this case. In Linux, I just cannot make a TAR.GZ compressed file with a space in one of the folder names. However, I can move the package parts to a Windows computer and Zip the folder. Then back in LInux (CentOS 6.3) using the Linux Archive Manager, open the zipped file, drag the file and folders to the destination folder. That works after using the properties setting on the executable and clicking the box to make it executable. I am assuming that the compression in Windows does not retain that permission setting. The main question is WHY does Xojo produce the Libraries folder with a space in it? Is there some setting somewhere to set your own name for the library???

Because it’s 2015 and spaces aren’t illegal characters anymore. I think you need to read the manual for whatever you’re using to tarball and find out how to escape the space. Or the command line looks easy enough.

Just curious : how do you compress a Tar archive without the command line ?

Tim, Using the command line to make the tarball worked. Thanks for the tip. I compressed the folder that contained the folder with a space in the folder name and it did not error out. It uncompressed into a new folder with the name of the tarball. Then I just copied the files/folders to the destination folder. Everything worked OK. It would be nice when extracting the tarball to process the files directly into the destination folder rather than to have to manually copy them from the new folder with the tarball name. Is this possible? Michel, When using the file browser, I just highlight the files/folders to make the tar file and right click and choose ‘Compress’ then there are several formats to use.