Compiling from Linux IDE for MAC OSX is not working!

Maybe look at one of the CI offerings for building the Mac versions…

For weeks now all I see is posts from you moaning about Xojo and shouting loudly about how bad it is and how you’re going to stop using it and move to another dev tool.

Would you hurry up and do that already? Sick of reading your whining. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out now.


@Rod_Pascoe I guess you forget about the problems with xojo. Maybe not relevant for you. And it has nothing to do with ranting if I find out something is not working what should work. But okay, kick him out would be nicer or what? If you have no problems it may have it’s foundation in the needs of your projects. It is not ranting if somebody does so like xojo. And, by the way: I do not want to have conversations with people like you thinking they are such smart guys. If you would have to serve a company like mine you would act like me.

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Methinks, a cheap Mac Mini is good enough for development.

It would not change the problem except I would change to mac as development base. Because the Devices I have on the market are all linux based I will not try to get one day the same problem the other way around.

I’ve cleaned up this thread a bit. I’d like to remind all participants to try and remain professional and follow the forum guidelines.


You could always just stop being rude and just don’t bother with the thread


Thank you much!

Well it would mean that you would be able to build Mac versions of your app, without a Mac, so how is that not an improvement?

Cause it is not working. We rewrote this app now with Lazarus and gave it out it is only a translation helper so no need for mac or anyhing else but writing it with Lazarus in this case. No Problem. There will come the time xojo can do it. Hopefully.

I’m sure they will, but I fear you’re going to be disappointed if you plan your product around what Xojo will provide in the future.

Your criticisms would find more traction if you’d post some feedback request links. Maybe folks would sign on to them and give them more visibility. At the very least you’d come off as someone making constructive criticism.

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We actually just added a new category for those types of discussions around specific Feedback cases.


I understand your disappointment. While in this case the fault is not Xojo‘s, as it is indeed LLVM’s job to update the linker, I think it would help to avoid disappointments of this kind if Xojo made it completely clear on their website that for full functionality you have use a Mac. This will possibly never change for iOS because of Apple’s iOS Simulator being macOS only, but should at some point in the future change for the other platforms.


I haven’t forgotten about anything, the difference is I don’t post 20 times a day on here that Xojo is so terrible and I’m moving to XYZ language etc etc etc whilst ranting continuously.

Instead I raise tickets, read the forums, figure out how to work around the issues, use the feedback ranking system etc etc.

I get it, you have issues with some aspects of Xojo, So either work with them, work with the community to fix them or leave. Any of those are your choices and you have the right to make any or all of them but the constant moaning, ranting, calling it garbage etc etc is not the right way to go about things.


Might I friendly invite you all to calm down a bit?
IMHO, Thorsten has a right to feel embarrassed. The website doesn’t make clear you need a Mac to build xplatform, and “buy a Mac” is not a good answer for a problem that could be easily avoided.
(BTW, I use a Mac and do not have native xplatform desktop platforms to test. For my purposes a virtualisation is good enough, and under that aspect everything works as promised.)

It cannot be denied that Xojo currently is going through a crisis. What unites us is that we all love the product and do not want to see it go down. That being said: The community plays an enormous big part in past successes. Please don’t divide it any more. I think it is more helpful if we mannerly discuss what issues exist and what solutions could be found. If Thorsten was completely disillusioned, he’d be gone already.


MacOS cannot be legally virtualized. You therefore need a Mac if you’re going to test a Mac version.

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He does indeed have a right, we all do. It’s not just this post though Ulrich, every other post on this forum for the last month has been his. Moaning. I don’t think Xojo is going through a “crisis”, that’s a bit dramatic. They got the last release out a bit delayed and it’s not as feature complete as we’d all like but I have great faith that Greg O’Lone will sort that out in short order.

As for your last sentence about him leaving, I agree. it’s just that every day he’s posting things in here about having had enough and is leaving. I was just saying if you’re going to do it then do it already and stop all the ranting! :wink:

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I could be wrong here, but I believe that should be qualified to say except on Apple hardware. I believe it is legal to run VM instances of other macOS versions if done on an Apple mac host.

But for the purposes of this thread, that is not relevant anyway…


Good point.

So that basically boils down to the fact that you need a Mac if you want to develop and test xplatform, right? Because, without a working linker, you cannot even debug remotely on a native test machine – or can you?

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