Compiling from Linux IDE for MAC OSX is not working!

When compiling a desktop app from Linux IDE I can not compile for Mac Platform. It is impossible to deliver cross platform under this conditions. Is there a workaround ?
Tested with 2019R32 and R2020R1 and 2020R1.1

Workaround: get a Mac.

As Xojo uses a real linker and not just uses a stub with code attached like some other app generators, they need to run ld on macOS to output a macOS app.

On their Website if you download the Linux Version, is written “Develop native apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, Web, iOS and Raspberry Pi.”.

But that’s only half of the truth. You can indeed develop for all platforms but you can’t build on any Platform for any Platform.

This is not EU Territory. By US Standards, this wording is good enough. :wink:


Oh man that’s not acceptable. It was possible to build in history. Okay, I have to put my Mac Apps into the garbadge can or buy myself a mac for it…I don’t like Mac anyway so I will not buy an expensive System.

So as the result:
Web 2.0 if garbadge
Linux IDE for OS/X depoyment is garbadge
I am a little bit shocked cause they say different. I did not believe that somebody makes this

Sorry, but i don’t think it was possible to build for macOS from Linux/Windows at any time in the past?

It used to be for 32bit as far as I remember.


Okay than they messed me up cause it shows compile for Mac 64 Bit and I can not do anything with it? Sorry that’s real bad. How can they sell it. The Compiler generates binaries for Mac in 64 Bit mode. And they are not running because the mac says it’s 32 bit. Somehow I feel wronged. How can they do something like this. I have to rewrite a complete app or buy a mac. I will rewrite. Faster. Less complex. And good is it with it.

You should not be building and deploying apps for a platform upon which you have not tested those apps. In other words, if you are going to make MacOS versions of your apps available to others, you need to have a Mac and test your apps on Mac. The same goes for those who develop on Mac for Linux or Windows.

We are waiting for the LLVM project to complete their linker that will allow us to build for MacOS from Windows or Linux.

@Geoff_Perlman my testers have MAC, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, a few also VMS, AIX and other operating systems we are writing for. And yes, for all tests I am compiling and deploying from one platform. That’s names external testers to get the results cause when I am writing the entire day I will have to get my software tested. And because I am not compiling on all new platforms and because I have a real cross platform compiling with Lazarus, with B4x and gcc I was thinking that xojo will do this job also cause I had no centence to read that it will not work. And the system lets me compile it. By the way: in this trap I will not get a second time, believe me.

We like Xojo so much that we even wrote Xojo in Xojo. This means it is cross-platform, so you can build for any platform from any platform.

Xojo: Cross-Platform Development Tool
Xojo is a cross-platform development environment for building native apps for macOS, Windows and Linux. Develop a Mac app from your Windows PC! It’s like VB for Mac, but powerful and modern.

@Geoff_Perlman I have done what you promised, sorry for that!

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I do that using 2016r3 32bit. It means sub 10.15 macOS targets.


It worked all the time I know but not for 64 Bit.

Maybe look at one of the CI offerings for building the Mac versions…

For weeks now all I see is posts from you moaning about Xojo and shouting loudly about how bad it is and how you’re going to stop using it and move to another dev tool.

Would you hurry up and do that already? Sick of reading your whining. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out now.


@Rod_Pascoe I guess you forget about the problems with xojo. Maybe not relevant for you. And it has nothing to do with ranting if I find out something is not working what should work. But okay, kick him out would be nicer or what? If you have no problems it may have it’s foundation in the needs of your projects. It is not ranting if somebody does so like xojo. And, by the way: I do not want to have conversations with people like you thinking they are such smart guys. If you would have to serve a company like mine you would act like me.

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Methinks, a cheap Mac Mini is good enough for development.

It would not change the problem except I would change to mac as development base. Because the Devices I have on the market are all linux based I will not try to get one day the same problem the other way around.