Compiling a plugin on Windows w/ Visual Studio?


I’ve read the guide in PDF format that was posted in regards to compiling a plugin on Mac OS X in XCode.

However, I was unable to locate a guide on how to set up Visual Studio .NET to properly compile a XOJO Plugin.

In addition, after compiling, how do I package the plugin? Once I get my .SO and .DLL Files, how am I to package them together in XOJO so they can be of use?

Much thanks.

Zip file
Read the PluginPackaging.rtf document in the Plugins SDK :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay… Thanks. What about Linux?

gcc or whatever
The zip file eventually contains each platforms dylib in the right place

You need to produce native DLL with visual Studio. Not .net, but native code.
And you can pack either with rbx (Real Studio) or zip with xojo_plugin extension for Xojo.

I have been unsuccessful at finding how to pack it into an rbx.

Any input?

there should be the Plugin Converter app inside the Plugin SDK folder.