Compiling a plug in Visual Studio on Windows


I’ve fully read a PDF that was linked to me, on compiling a library of which can be used in XOJO.

However, I was unable to find anything for Windows / Visual Studio.

I wanted to know exactly how I am to set up my Visual Studio solution, and where to start with writing my plugin, with Visual Studio…

The PDF I’ve read contains setting up XCODE, but I just wanted someone to just let me know this information to ensure that I am doing everything properly… I need to set up my solution to compile a DLL from the best of my knowledge, and I just wanted to know if someone could walk me through starting up a new project / solution file correctly and get my includes in place.

I think the ONLY thing that has been written on Windows in recent years is Eugenes article which I pointed out to you

The examples should include a Visual Studio project which you can modify.

I found it. Thanks to both of you. I’m working on a Blowfish plugin.