Compiler failed assertion at LinkPE32.cpp:254

Can not compile version for Windows: Xojo 2015R2.2, MonkeyBread 171, OSX 10.12.3

When I try to compile a Windows version of my, in either the debugger or stand-alone mode, the Link activity fails with a terminal error. When in debugging mode, the IDE fails completely. In Compile mode, the compiler displays the error message “Compiler failed assertion at LinkPE32.cpp:254”.

I have reported the issue to Xojo via the Feedback app but as I need to deliver a working Windows version by 1 May, I thought I would ask the forum to see if anyone else has seen this.


Have you tried the latest Xojo version?


I have just spent 30 minutes upgrading to release 2017R1 and it all seems to work. So, the problem is with R2015. I did not want to upgrade cause I would have to buy a new license.

thanks for your suggestion though.


Have you previously been able to compile for Win with that Xojo version? Might be something with the latest version of Safari. Xojo is not going to do anything with a 2-yr-old version in feedback. Maybe try with an older version of Mac OS if that’s possible. Also maybe Xojo support is able to help. If not, I’m afraid you’re screwed.

I regularly compile with 2015R4.1. Maybe it will not be necessary to upgrade all the way to 2017R1.


that is one version I do not have the installers for.


[quote=327487:@Bob Jansen]Michael,

that is one version I do not have the installers for.


You can download it from Archived versions at

But a very important question may be : have you succeeded compiling this project before ? With which version ?

AFAIK PE32 is a debugging tool. I do not understand how you get that message. Could it be one of the plugins ?

You may want to download DebugView from it gives much more information about the messages sent by a Windows app.