Compiler error: continue?

Trialling 64 bit build in Cocoa, I found one control that gave me a syntax error on ‘Name’ property
Removed the control and built, I get Compiler Error on line 2 and then on line 4, after which it shuts up, compiles, and runs.

Where can I find out what it considers to be ‘Line 2’ ?
And whats the problem?

a ton more detail is required otherwise we’re all guessing

what kind of project
what kind of control
what code have you got in it
can you reproduce this in a small sample


what kind of project …very large multi window
what kind of control … no idea… line 2 tells me nothing
what code have you got in it …thousands of rows…which one is line 2?
can you reproduce this in a small sample …THAT I can help with… no, i can’t.

does the compiler do detailed logs when it errors?

what kind of project ? desktop web console ?
whats the message in the bottom error messages pane ?
without details no one can help as we’d be guessing

Its desktop , and I know without details its guesswork. Sorry.

Im short on details, the bottom pane is empty.
Mostly want to know if anyone else is seeing this

I get compiler error (11) Error found while compiling on line 4 , followed by compiler error (2)

I haven’t yet found a list of what error 11 or 2 mean
And I can’t tell what line 4 means in a Xojo project because every method starts the numbering anew.

Edit: Actually I just noticed this happen in the 32BIT build.

screen shot ?

Happens on both 32 and 64 bit compiles.

“IDE Script”?

Do you have a Build Script set up or running an IDE Script some other way?

I’ll probably have a script installed by AppWrapper…
I’ll check


[code] Dim App As String = CurrentBuildLocation + “/”"" + CurrentBuildAppName + “.app”""
Call DoShellCommand("/usr/bin/defaults write " + App + “/Contents/Info ““NSHighResolutionCapable”” YES”)

If BuildMacMachOx86 then

// Xojo build script; created with App Wrapper 3 3.3.2 (130) - ©2014 Ohanaware Co., Ltd.
// Script built: 23 May 2015 @ 17:29:04
// Script Format: 0013

So it looks like this BuildMacMachOx86 line is the culprit…

Compiles fine without the build script. Progress! Thanks Paul…

FWIW, App Wrapper 3.4.3 seems to be the latest version.

I have 3.4.3 but didn’t recreate the script after installing

It now uses ‘if BuildMac’

Working my way through the niggles one by one… :wink:

Hi Jeff, sorry about this, shortly after Greg notified me that the old constant was going away, I updated App Wrapper. It’s a good idea to keep App Wrapper up to date as I’m constantly working on it. 3.5 will be released next week.