Compiled XojoScript on M1 Macs

Hello -

Since XojoScript can be compiled: does it work when a Xojo x86 app is translated to ARM on M1 Macs?

Your XojoScript usage must deal with the need to recompile if the pre-compiled code can’t be reused.

And the generated machine code is not the same for MacOS and Windows.
ARM version may be different compared to the Intel one and not exchangeable.

Sorry, that question wasn’t very clear. Let me restate it.

Say my existing x86 application uses XojoScript and compiles it. If this x86 app is translated on an M1 machine, will the compiler still generate usable bytecode? Is the bytecode generated in x86 and translated automatically?

The machine code generated by LLVM will be translated by Rosetta on the fly.