Compiled Size of a 64bit Console Application for Linux

I have a project that I might want to use a console app for, I was thinking of buying a console license if the console app is what I need.

Can anyone tell me:

#1. The size of a compiled 64 bit console app for linux. (not a big app, just an IPC Socket and a few methods)
#2. Is the console app able to use the same libs as a web app? (they are both console right?)
#3. What are the memory requirements for a console app? (I think my web app is about 100-150mb)

Thank you very much,

#1. try and see
#2. yes. if the console app uses all the framework features the web apps use, they will have same libraries.
#3. only the code which is recently used is paged in by the virtual memory manager. So code which is not used by anyone, stays on disk.

Thanks for the response, I’m not sure if I want to go out and buy the console license, right now the deciding factor is the size of the executable. A compiled web executable is about 10mb, but I’m sure it has a lot more baggage being a web app rather than a straight console app. Is there any way you could tell me the size of a built console app?


Difficult to tell you the size of a possible app since libraries do add.

But as a matter of example, an empty Console app will be 416 K with an 11 MB lib.

An empty Web app is altogether 19.6 MB executable and libraries.

This is exactly what I wanted to hear, thank you very much.