Compiled program won’t start at client for weird reason(??!!)

I just sent a tester a compiler application, informing him on he has to right click the program as I am not yet an Apple certified developer. So far it starts but quits immediately. without the dock icon appearing or the splash window opening. I asked him for a console log and it shows: myappname.91728 (xxx): Job failed to exec (3) for weird reason: 13

Can someone explain to me what that means?

I had such an error (“for weird reason”) once because of an only partially uninstalled application.

In my case, this was due to me sending the program via Dropbox, which ruined the access permissions. Resending it as a zip via e-mail solved the issue.

This as an addition … I found the solution thanks to Google, not to Apple’s developer forum :wink:

normally a terminal command with “chmod +x” to the app binary inside the bundle should fix it. This marks the file to be executable.

You’re probably right, Christian, but I found it easier to send my tester a zipped file with correctly set permissions instead of forcing him to use terminal commands he may not be used to.