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I wanted to release Windows versions of some of my apps but found out, after compiling (on a Mac) the size was too big, Though the exe was small, all the dll’s made it too big, even If I zipped it. Also any images or “resources” was put into a folder with the exe.

This isn’t meant to criticize, just wanting to know the “why” it’s this way. I’ve built app’s in VB and last year I learned C# and recreated one of my app’s in it (that was an undertaking… :thinking: ). Anyway when I compile VB or C# apps everything is self contained, all the “resources”, in the exe and file size is reasonable, more or less.


If you’re writing .net apps all those dll’s are (more often than not) already on the target OS so they are very rarely included with an app (there are edge cases when they are needed which will increase the size of your distribution).

When using xojo, the framework has to be included with the app as it’s not already on the target computer.

Is there a particular reason why the file sizes are too large for you distribute?

The hosting site I use reduced the file size one can upload. The windows compile greatly exceed it.

Ah yes unfortunately in that case you’ll need a new host or you’ll need to host the file somewhere else (e.g. dropbox) and link to it from your main site but I guess that depends on how “professional” you want your app to appear.

Yeah I’ll have to look into that…

So when come to resources (pictures, audio etc…) why doesn’t XOJO compile it into the exe ?

icudt53.dll is 21.5MB…

So when come to resources (pictures, audio etc…)
There or in the EXE change nothing. One can always find its way to reach these data.

Provide your application with an installer may be an answer if you fear about the numer of files and users playing (removing / duplicate, etc.) with them.

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Microsoft told them not to.

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Ah I see. Interesting.


plus installers are usually compressing the included files quite well.

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You might consider a CDN like BunnyCDN to host your files. Faster download speeds, and no restrictions. I funded mine with $25 something like a year ago, and I still have $11 left serving about 250GB per month. In my opinion, it’s a cost effective means not to worry about what your host allows.