Compile Projects with Windows vs Mac

Hi All,

I have been programming with Xojo for nearly a year (still lots to learn), I have projects for Windows Desktop and for Web connecting to Firebird and MySql. I found that trying to deploy projects (both windows and web) in a Windows PC (Windows 10), both kinds of projects give me unexpected error; they do not appear in a fix condition, sometimes I am just moving the mouse, an exception error prompts out. If it is a program bug, it should appear every time I step into the bug, but it doesn’t.

Interestingly, if I compile the same project using a Mac, all projects go very smooth! No more unexpected error or exception. Just every time now I have to copy my project from my PC to the Mac for compilation cause inconvenience to me :frowning:

However, just a minute ago, I tried to deploy a Windows project (64 bit), the deployed app prompts “fail to connect to database” (of course I tried on my Windows PC, it can connect). So I tried again to deploy 32-bit, this time the deployed app connects successfully.

Anyone has similar issue?