Compile error -- where find line 1

I just tried to Run an app that has been working for years and hasn’t been touched (code-wise) for two years. I am using the latest version of Xojo on the Mac. I get this error:

Compiler error [11] Error found while compiling on line 1. Continue?

How do I determine where “line 1” is?

Does anyone know what error [11] is?

I have no third party plugins


Oh, I see the object that is generating the error. It is named in the dialogue. But where is line 1?

And now there is no named object in the Dialogue. It just says, “Done assembling code” and then in the second error it says “IDE Script Compile Error” followed by the message I posted above.

Ugh. I was using an older version of the AppWrapper. Sorry.

That style of error is ALWAYS from a script of some kind

Next time one of your users forgot to tell you something: remember you do not told us about AppWrapper :wink: