Compile and Run for macOS fail with #104 error 2019

Well YEA! I have this new bug with Xojo

Compile and Run for macOS fail with #104 error

I am using Xojo 2019 on a Mac with High Sierra 10.13.6
Trying to build a Mac app for testing.

From what others have written, sometimes the OS is too slow to let Xojo write files. Or hold Xojo back from seeing that the debug app has been written.
Not sure how to fix this. After one restart, the problem remains.

Any help is great.

Is your project saved in a Dropbox or google drive folder?

Not saved in a Dropbox or google drive folder, but it’s super small, just to test an idea.
I’ve deleted my Spotlight database. I’ll restart my compute once more and see if that fixes things.

I see this error sometimes too.

For me, it mostly happens when I do a project “Save” and then “Run” in quick succession, one immediately after the other. I’ve now gotten into the habit of purposely pausing a second or two between the two and now it rarely happens.

I think the “Clear Caches” feature helps. This button is found under Preferences/Options > Building.

Note: I also only see this error on Mac, not Windows. I’m using 2019r1.1 under Mojave 10.14.4. And my projects are not stored on a Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive folder - but I do use GitHub.

I hope that helps.

If your disk is APFS rather than HFS+ the problem could be related to Xojo using old file system APIs.
The old APIs operate are kind of emulated for APFS disks and Apple have done a less than perfect job on the implementation.